John Grant and Son asked me to install a weather station at there farm, north of Prescott, with a rain guage. I ordered the hardware (OWW weather station, rain guage, and a Dell gx150) I had the weather station running within hours. Getting the rain guage to work is a bit of another story. I spent ... probably 40 hours plus trying to get the weather station to work with the rain guage attached. I have yet to discover the cause of the really wierd issues I was having, I swapped out the weather station, computer, cables, everything except the rain guage. I finally gave up and installed the weather station without the rain guage. I will continue to fiddle with the rain guage at home and see if I can figure out why it doesn't work. Below are some photos of the install.

This weather station is mounted about 20 feet above ground level to a power pole, just above the security camera near the main farm house. At this height, the wind speed and temperature is very accurate. It is in the bottom of the canyon, so often the top of the ridges are blowing like 20 MPH and this weather station is only showing 10 MPH.